I offer therapeutic massage and manual therapy so clients experience relief from physical and emotional stress, renewed energy, and improved joint function. Sessions are focused around the client’s goals, whether it is relaxation or freer movement and given in a warm and nurturing treatment room at Petaluma Family Chiropractic.


AMANDA WONGSONEGOROHendrickson Method® Therapist | CA Massage Therapist


Hendrickson Method: A clinically proven system of treatment that is wave mobilization massage®, muscle energy technique, and joint mobilization. If you are feeling low back pain, experiencing sciatica, have shoulder complaints, and more you will feel reduction in pain and improved movement with this treatment system. People of all ages and health conditions can come to sessions wearing loose, comfortable clothing. A Hendrickson Method session is similar to Shiatsu massage in that it can be done without oil or lotion.

Body Strategy: A therapeutic massage that focuses on joint areas. For example, neck and shoulders, or hips and low back. Techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, and light stretching are used to deliver a therapeutic outcome while providing deep relaxation. Warm towels and organic essential oils are offered to enhance the experience.

  • I have been treated with Hendrickson Method® for over 5 years. I was hit by a bus 13 years ago in a cross walk. As you can imagine, I got pretty messed up, especially my lower back. Then on top of it, I worked as a hygienist for 30 years, with compromised neck function. This is the best treatment I have found to alleviate my body pain. It is a unique method of body work that needs to be experienced to understand it how well it can work. Everyone is different, and every appointment is different. But I find relief. It is like my body “let’s go” of the pain it is hanging onto. It is not a band-aid, it is a treatment. If you listen to Amanda’s suggestions, along with the treatment, you will feel and function better. It is not magic, although her healing hands feel like it sometimes. I follow my exercise plan and schedule a session when my body starts to act up. Especially, if I tweak my back, usually doing something I am not supposed to do! I get treated and get back on the right track much faster.

    Rochelle Mella